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Natural Fibres Export: SHAG RUGS

20 Nov

Natural Fibres Export


With more than 20 categories products manufacturing and 10 years experience in Home Furnishing Natural Fibres Export dedicated its success to everyone who give their valuable time to us.
Natural Fibres Export manufacture & export home furnishing products like Cushion covers, Poufs, Rugs, Stools & Ottomans, Upholstered furniture like Chairs, Sofas, Benches, Tables, Kilim home furnishings, Decor accessories, Bags and many more categories.

Shag Rugs:  

In modern interior designing Shag Rugs have an important role. Shag Rugs can be use multiple like Flooring, Bathmat, Doormat, Dining Table Runner, Kids Capet etc, because of finishing and attractive look now a days its peoples most preferable choice.
Here we come with Polyester Shag Rugs with different Color:

 Shaggy rug

shag rug

Shaggy Rug

Shag bath mat

shag kids carpets

Close Look of Shag Rug

These can be use in multiple ways by customized the size like for Shag Bath Mat, Door Mat, Table Runner, Kids Rug, Outdoor etc.


6 Nov

Natural Fibres Export


         CHRISTMASNatural Fibres Export is a manufacturer and exporter of home furnishings products; Cushion covers, Poufs, Designer Rugs, Kilim Carpets, Pouf Benches, Upholstered bench, Sofa, Wooden Chairs, Kilim Bags, Accessories, Footstools, Ottomans, Chair pads, Mattress & more, dedicated since 2003.



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