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Find Your Home Decor Products : Interior Design

6 Jun

Natural Fibres Export

Natural Fibres Export:

We started our journey on 2003 as a manufacturer and exporter. Natural Fibres Export have a aim, by serving quality products to their customers and win their satisfaction. We always happy to assist interior designing firms, decor industries, and interior décor stores from the long time. As a manufacturer and exporter we always try to design some new home furnishing products. In the category of home furnishing products we developed products like pillows, poufs, rugs, furniture, decor accessories, upholstered chairs, sofas, kilim benches, ottomans and more.

Rugs & Carpets:

Rugs and carpets are necessary part of home decoration now a days. People choose rugs and carpets according to their room, wall, theme. So, we continuously develop new designs in rugs like printed rugs, kilim rugs, shaggy rugs, cotton rugs, chindi rugs, suajani rugs and more.


After successful start up in 2003, our customers wants upholstered furniture direct from us. We finally decide to manufacturer these furniture by upholstery of our rugs and fabrics. In the furniture section we have now a days more than 10 categories products including stools, foot stools, ottomans, chairs, sofas, benches, kilim benches, pouf bench, storage and more.


Poufs can be use as for multi purpose. You can use pouf ottomans for sitting as well as for decor of your home. Natural Fibres Export currently manufacturing various design of poufs including kilim poufs, ottoman poufs, decor pouffes, knitted poufs, cube poufs, round poufs etc.

Pillows and Cushion covers:

Last but not least. This is our concept of cushion covers. These are small but can change your home decoration good to bad or bad to good. Long time ago people use cushions and pillows for their bedroom or for their neck. But as time passes people use this for various works like for their car seat, back seat, seat cushion, bedroom pillows, kilim pillows for decoration, room pillows for decor, couch cushions, floor pillows etc.

Natural Fibres Export always try to provide best quality products, in our journey of 11 years we found various up and downs but by support and inspiration by our customers we still making and making new designs and developments in home furnishings.