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Interior Design Ideas: Tufted Home Furnishing: What is Tufting ?

11 Aug

How to Decor Home With Tufted Furniture ?

naturalfibresexport-furniture-tuftedfurnitureTufted home furnishing:

Tufting involves tightly pulling upholstery back and anchoring it with a knot or button.

The buttons can be close or farther apart, but are always uniformly placed, usually creating a diamond pattern over the fabric.

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Typically the buttons match or are covered in the main fabric, but can be in a contrasting colour for more punch.

Stuffing the fabric and pulling it together to create square and diamond contoured patterns takes ordinary furniture and makes it cozier and more luxurious.

More About Tufting:

Tufting is a design element that may have a place in your home when you next think about redecorating or adding a new piece of furniture to the mix.

Using tufted furniture is a way to add visual interest to furniture that may otherwise look like a giant sea of fabric. Tufting also keeps upholstered furniture from looking lumpy over time.

Furniture Tufting is done with materials like Cotton, velvet, satin, leather and rich textures securing the ends of the thread with a knot or a button. Those profound techniques creates the name of the technique Tufts.

It can be combined with faux fur, vivid colors, patterns, dramatic creases and studs. This depends on which style the furniture designer desires it to have. In some cases it’s how the interior decorator or homeowner decides to make their selection after having created the rest of the elements of the room. Tufted Furniture is the perfect accent décor in any type of room from the dining room to the restroom.

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A furniture piece can be tufted from top to bottom alternatively; the tufts can be in a localized area. No matter what style of design you choose, tufted furniture will attract attention. For the finishing touches, use contrasting buttons or piping to create a look that draws attention to the shape of the furniture. No matter what your decorating tastes are, tufted furniture will add sophistication and style to your room.

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