Interior Design Ideas: Jute Home Decoration Ideas

7 Nov




Jute magic again giving a new hope to interior designers.  People always like jute rugs for their flooring, but when we talk about other jute products, people start like it too.

kilim home

Now a days jute is also use for making center table, curtains, lamp shades, handbags, pouches, ottomans, wall décor, pillows, sofas, chairs, benches, stools and for many items.

Jute home décor products give modern look to home. Many years ago jute is only use for dhuree, but now a days jute also use for all home furnishing products and give the shine to your interior.

Jute in Curtains:

For different creations jute curtains are used by interior designers to give modern look to your home.

Jute in Furniture:

Now a day’s jute is use in furniture too. Interior designers use jute for making sofas, tables, chairs, stools, ottomans by upholstery by jute fabric. If we talk about customers, they prefer soft jute fabric for upholstery on sofa or chairs.

A Jute ottoman gives an attractive look to your room. Small jute ottomans like footstools, pouf benches are gives eye catching look to living room.

Jute in Lamps:

Now a days jute lamp demand is high with jute bench it gives beautiful look. Jute lamps are use with table, hanging jute lamps demand are increase day by day.

Jute in Rugs:

Jute fabric rugs always are popular. Interior designers give new style and shape to jute rugs. Like jute available in jute ball rugs, jute braided rugs, soft jute rugs, combination with wool jute rugs, Kilim rugs, jute Kilim rugs and more.


Jute in cushions & Pillows:

The magic of jute now also effect on cushions market. People prefer jute cushions with slogans, artworks, cartoon characters, plain, wool jute combination, jute cushions, jute pillows, Kilim jute pillows are some magic cushions which not only famous for their design but also for their durability because of its fabric thickness.

Jute in Other products:

Jute also use in some more home furnishing and decor products like jute bags , jute handbags, jute Kilim bags, jute pouches, jute storages boxes, jute boxes, candle décor, poufs, jute poufs ottomans, jute beanbags, jute wall décor, jute flower pots.

Natural Fibres Export is one of manufacturer who works in jute products since last 12 years. They use jute for pillows, jute rugs, jute cushions, jute bags, jute benches , jute braided rugs, jute lampshades, jute sofas, jute ottomans, jute wall décor and many more.

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Indian Handicrafts & Gift Fair (IHGF) Fair BY EPCH: Natural Fibres Export

13 Oct

Indian Handicrafts & Gift Fair


It will be so exciting to participate in IHGF Delhi Fair again. EPCH gives a great platform to artisans to show their art by this fair. This time epch extend the days. This time it will be biggest fair of this year, more than 2500 exhibitors got chance to show their work, art, design.

 Natural Fibres Export

Like every year , EPCH organize this fair with a new ideas with big concept. So, now they are back with 5 days concept to give more chance to meet with exhibitors. It will be nice to hear that this will happen on 1,90,000 sq. mtr. area at India Expo Center & Mart, greater Noida expressway, New Delhi India.

So, Why you waiting for, come and see new range of home furnishing, lifesyle, fashion, handicrafts range…

Natural Fibres Export :  Stand no. H-05/ 12             Hall no.: 06

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How To Decor Home In Budget?

7 Aug

Home Decoration Ideas


Home Decoration on a budget is a chance to let your creativity shine.  You will find plenty of methods to provide your home a brand new change without investing lots of money Take a look at these easy budget decorating ideas for your home interior design.

DSC_0082 green rayon chenille pillows2

  • Small Things: The first and foremost thing that we have to do is focus on the little things that can bring a big change in the overall appearance of the interior. Little things that could bring major changes include: changing paint walls. This is one of the easiest, fastest, and cheapest ways to change the look of the home.
  • Curtains: Put also some other supporting elements decoration so as can make the display better. Switch the shower curtain since this can change the look in a short time. There are various designs and styles of shower curtain that we can customize the theme that we apply.
  • Mirror: In low budget interior decoration good idea is applying decorative mirror. The mirror is one element of the decor that is quite reliable in changing the look of the room instantly. Simply place the mirror with a design and style.
  • Paint: Paints are available in cheaper rates these days and therefore, you can completely change the appearance of your home by painting the walls. Remember to make the change acceptable that it becomes one of the great transformations. However make sure that the color combination suits other things in the room like furniture, wall paintings etc.
  • Wall Paintings: You can place a huge and impressive wall painting on your sitting room walls. It not only that can become the focus of your guests.
  •  Carpets and rugs: Adding a simple carpet to your sitting room can give an interesting look to your boring room. Try and look for beautiful colors that can make the room competent for any occasion.
  •  Plants: Any room can be freshened up if the plants are being brought in. This can assist in freshening the air and plants for filtering the atmosphere. If there is no time to care for the plants, you can get artificial flowers and leaves. Also possessing a green touch in the room can be pleasant to eyes of people.
  • Furniture: You can change the position of furniture, so change the position of furniture and objects in house is a good idea for interior decoration.
  • Throw Pillows: Throw pillows are always a fabulous accessory for your sofa, loveseat or oversize chair. A collection of small store bought pillows appears to be trying too hard and shouts unoriginal and cheap.

These low budget interior decor ideas for decorating and design will make your home more than just livable, but also an enjoyable and relaxing place to be. Decorating on a budget is a chance to let your creativity shine. These fun, easy, and cheap decorating tips will help to reinvigorate your home without breaking the bank. Natural Fibres Export will brought more ideas about home decoration design in upcoming blogs.

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Home Decoration Design Ideas by Natural Fibres Export

31 Jul

 Interior Design Ideas: Natural Fibres Export


Interior design plays a big role in the everyday life. It introduces people to beauty, relaxation, and modernism. Interior design impacts, influences and affects our world in many ways and in many different aspects. Interior design is an important technique that is given a high attention all over the world nowadays. People’s interest in having a nice and attractive design for private and public buildings is increasing. Interior design is not about just what is pretty or aesthetically pleasing and is more than just selecting fabrics and colors.


There are several interior styles which can help us what we actually want in our home. Some of them are:

  •    Modern style-This style is based on simplicity, the colors may be dull or bright, in any case flashy colors. Pieces are either geometric shapes – square, rectangular, round, but the surfaces are clean, no scenery, no details.
  •   Classic Style-This style introduce antique style, which is different from modern home interior design. This style induces ancient type heavy furniture with dark colors.  
  • Rustic Style-This Style structure is a crude, rough details, structure elements of furniture / lighting can be in tree trunks, logs, branches, jute.
  • Retro Style-It is the style of ’50s, ’60s or ’70s. In that period it is anticipated design pieces to come. In this print with geometric shapes, lines, plaid or printed with illustrations belonging to the Pop Art style.
  •  Contemporary Style- Contemporary style is characterized by open spaces, modern, clean lines, and carefully selected accents in bold shades. Furniture is modern with solid color fabrics and clean, straight lines. Textured textiles in natural fabrics add interest to the contemporary design style. Contemporary design is often enhanced by large pieces of art, accent walls, or accent details like pillows and rugs.
  •   High-tech Style-This style is an innovative modern style, the emphasis being on furniture structure where every detail of combination is not random and it is part of that structure.
  •   Traditional Style– This style generally includes deep wood tones, architectural details, and elegant furnishings.Traditional design aesthetic is calm, orderly, and predictable. Furniture is carved from dark wood with curved features.

Interior decorating emphasizes your personal style and tastes to show case when guests or family comes to visit. Interior design is one way you can express yourself. How you decorate your home says a lot about who you are. Interior design affects how people live, move through space and interact with interior environments on a daily basis, across the globe.

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Décor Your Home with Handmade Furniture

18 Jul


Furniture is an art form that can be used to decorate any living space and can be used to stimulate human activity; it has changed over the centuries to become more and more functional for our daily lives and for multi purposes. Furniture serves both a practical and aesthetic function in defining a look or matching surrounding decor. We need furniture in every space of our home like living room, dining room, kitchen area, outdoor area and bar.

Furniture adds an element of ethnic charm to your living space. Home décor is incomplete without stools, bar stools, ottomans, benches, chairs, sofas. Natural Fibres Export is one of the fine manufacturer of home furnishing products. A place where you will find beautiful designer handmade furniture for home decoration. Natural fibres export is manufacturer and exporter of handcrafted furniture. They have large variety of contemporary, traditional, unique, vintage, beautiful and eye- catching stools, chairs, benches and sofas.

Stool provides by natural fibres are in different shape, size and covered with different fabric. Interior designers prefer stools for decoration not only as seating option but also for style and functionality. They provide stools, long bar stools, small bar stools, foot stools, vanity stools, counter stool, wooden stool and ottomans. These stools are upholstered by chindi fabric, kilim rug, cotton printed with dabu, floral print, jute, wool jute.

Stools & Footstools    Benches add comfort and functionality to even the coldest entryway. Benches can be upholstered, have storage and help introduce guests to your home’s design right when they step in the front door.  Natural Fibres Export provides every style, color and material in benches. They also sell their products by their online shopping india website named as Natural Furnish, where they will provide you worldwide shipping experience. They have large variety of kilim benches, upholstered benches, vintage traditional bench, and traditional kilim bench. Printed bench, armless bench, storage bench, knitted bench, dining bench, hand knotted bench, handmade bench, handcrafted bench.

Chairs and sofas are the most important things to do while furnishing your living room. In interior designing or interior decoration sofas & chairs plays important role. Natural Fibres provides sofas, corner sofa, two seat sofa, modern fabric sofas, fashion chase lounges, sofa bed, couch, Settee, arm chair, chairs, chair with short leg, dining table chair, club chair, occasional chair, sleeper chair, carver chair, Chesterfield Chair, corner chairs, rocking chairs, directors chair, peacock chair, tradition chair, designer chair, accent chair, wing chair, Choose from design details like straight profiles, thick rolled arms, button tufting, nail head trim, carved wood and even custom upholstery.

Furniture creates a welcoming, casual and friendly atmosphere in your home. Natural Fibres Export helps you to make your home beautiful and lovely.

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Find Your Home Decor Products : Interior Design

6 Jun

Natural Fibres Export

Natural Fibres Export:

We started our journey on 2003 as a manufacturer and exporter. Natural Fibres Export have a aim, by serving quality products to their customers and win their satisfaction. We always happy to assist interior designing firms, decor industries, and interior décor stores from the long time. As a manufacturer and exporter we always try to design some new home furnishing products. In the category of home furnishing products we developed products like pillows, poufs, rugs, furniture, decor accessories, upholstered chairs, sofas, kilim benches, ottomans and more.

Rugs & Carpets:

Rugs and carpets are necessary part of home decoration now a days. People choose rugs and carpets according to their room, wall, theme. So, we continuously develop new designs in rugs like printed rugs, kilim rugs, shaggy rugs, cotton rugs, chindi rugs, suajani rugs and more.


After successful start up in 2003, our customers wants upholstered furniture direct from us. We finally decide to manufacturer these furniture by upholstery of our rugs and fabrics. In the furniture section we have now a days more than 10 categories products including stools, foot stools, ottomans, chairs, sofas, benches, kilim benches, pouf bench, storage and more.


Poufs can be use as for multi purpose. You can use pouf ottomans for sitting as well as for decor of your home. Natural Fibres Export currently manufacturing various design of poufs including kilim poufs, ottoman poufs, decor pouffes, knitted poufs, cube poufs, round poufs etc.

Pillows and Cushion covers:

Last but not least. This is our concept of cushion covers. These are small but can change your home decoration good to bad or bad to good. Long time ago people use cushions and pillows for their bedroom or for their neck. But as time passes people use this for various works like for their car seat, back seat, seat cushion, bedroom pillows, kilim pillows for decoration, room pillows for decor, couch cushions, floor pillows etc.

Natural Fibres Export always try to provide best quality products, in our journey of 11 years we found various up and downs but by support and inspiration by our customers we still making and making new designs and developments in home furnishings.

Home Interior Design Idea

17 May

Interior Design Ideas

When you want to give your home decoration a fine look, you will look at the interior design firms for different and beautiful home furnishing products for your interior design.

Some people prefer to change home decoration products every year, and some like to change for Christmas home decor, Good Friday home decor, easter home decor, new year home decor, summer home decor, winter home decor and more.

Like every month team Natural Fibres Export brought for you some tips for pick a right products for your interior design.

Wall Decoration:

First you need to choose a right colour wall decoration for your room. if you want to give bright colour wall decoration for your home then you have to choose some white colour wall decor, you can also choose printed wall decoration. Now a days people choose mix colour wall decoration for their room interior. When you decided about your wall colour then you have to choose a right home decor product for your wall like fancy wall hangings including Handicraft, Clock, Art & Design, Frame and other accessories products which not only give your wall a fine look but also match with your wall.

Flooring Interior Design Ideas:

Now if you want to give an eye catching look to your room in first sight then you need a good flooring decoration including Kilim Rugs flooring, wooden flooring, carpet flooring etc. These flooring not only match to your room wall but also give long time durability. Natural Fibres Export is one of the manufacturer and exporter of Kilim Rugs and Carpets. Kilim Rugs can be match with any theme decoration including modern theme decoration and traditional theme decoration. When you want to choose wooden flooring decoration for your home then your have to first check your wall colour; like if you choose bright colour wall then you can go for darker colour wooden flooring, but if you choose dark color wall then you can look for bright colour flooring. Carpet flooring is popular in office interior design. some office choose red carpets for their flooring and some choose kilim rugs for their flooring. But the important thing is what colour of wall decoration you choose.

Room Decoration:

Now after done wall and flooring decoration for your next interior design you have to choose right home furnishing products for your room, but the question is what is my next home décor products?

Find some easy pick products which you can use for your room interior:

Stools & Foot stools:

These small home furnishing products not only give your room space an eye catching look but also gives you an option to relax when you sitting on your couch or sofas.

Natural Fibres offers wide range of stools and ottomans including kilim foot stool, kilim ottomans, wooden stools etc.

Kilim Benches:

These upholstered benches gives your room interior a classic look. These wooden benches comes with Kilim upholstery which not only suit to your room but also match with any theme decoration. When these upholstery get old you can re upholster the furniture, and it again looks like a new one. so its useful for low budget home decoration.

Wooden Chairs & Sofas:

Now this is the important part of your room interior design. Sofas or couch not only gives you option for sitting but also have an important role in your room decoration. Little big or little small size can destroy your whole interior design because you have some planning according to your room size. So, before choosing chairs decide how many chairs you want for your room; and when you are look for sofas you first need to map your room size, according to that you can pick your designers sofas like for big space room you can pick king size sofas, for small you can choose one seater or two seater sofas.

Poufs & Ottomans :

Now if you want to give your room interior a fine look or you have big space room then you can go for pouf and pouffes. These are easily available in the home furnishing industry. Natural Fibres made poufs have varieties like kilim poufs, knitted poufs, cube ottomans poufs, flooring poufs etc.

Cushion Covers:

Now last but not least , Cushion covers and Pillows decoration have a major role for your room. You can go for kilim cushion covers, kilim pillows, printed cushion covers, woven cushion covers etc. Many year ago cushion covers only use in bedrooms but as time changes they also take place in your guest rooms for decoration.

So, Next time if you want to decide to change your room decoration products or want some home furnishing products for your next interior design ideas then you can check these tips for home décor.